TopChanger for champion Feyenoord

13 June 2023

The fact that national champion Feyenoord uses our services in their stadium in the Netherlands makes us very proud! In our own small but significant way, we contribute to Feyenoord's excellence performance on the football pitch at De Kuip, with our TopChanger XP and the Growing Good Programme!

The aim of introducing the TopChanger operation was to penetrate the Fyber Sand layer. This way, the drainage capacity of the grass pitch is increased.

Fyber Sand layer

Next, we improved soil conditions by injecting sand mixed with a ‘stable’, organic matter. This Fyber Sand layer at a depth of 15 to 20 centimetres can be difficult to achieve using the traditional method of aeration, with fixed spikes. There is also a chance of hitting the field heating, with severe consequences.

Aerating with water pressure

Because normal aeration cannot easily be achieved at that depth, a compacted layer forms which makes drainage difficult during heavy rainfall. During the first treatment with the TopChanger XP, we only aerated using water pressure of 270 Bar. By using this method, the soil is also loosened between the injection holes relieving compaction and allowing water to pass through the layers and thereby relieving the problem. This process is then repeated to inject additives through the same holes.

Mix with GrowthGood

This second time, a mix - in a ratio of 95 to five per cent - of sand and VGR GreenGood is injected. After the treatment, the field is brushed and rolled, and the growth is already well underway. After all, the pitch needs to be up and running again for the Nations League semi-finals and finals. That will be played on 14 and 18 June this year. This will benefit not only Feyenoord but also the Dutch national team from the innovative services of VGR Verschoor!

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