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Why VGR Equipment?

Choosing quality and sustainability means choosing efficiency

Dutch innovation
By combining experiences gained from countless projects worldwide, over the years VGR has been able to innovate a unique range of products and concepts. Key aspects of this innovation are efficient and sustainable development. VGR is not afraid to apply or develop new technology which rolls back the frontiers of efficient and sustainable maintenance.

Sustainable maintenance
Sustainability plays a major role in VGR’s approach to maintenance. Pressure to restrict the use of insecticides and fertilisers is increasing. VGR is providing solutions to realise these ambitions.

Less manual labour
Major challenges are to bring about improved ergonomics and greater savings. Work processes and machinery have a key role to play in this. VGR has developed products which facilitate better ergonomics and increase savings, leading to improvements in efficiency. VGR is working every day to develop new products and concepts with the aim of achieving improved efficiency.

Superb quality
Quality is the key to untroubled and efficient working. Increased longevity and minimum downtime are only feasible with the use of high-quality components.

VGR understands that your product requirements depend on the context. In some situations you may require a specific machine capacity, but the surroundings too, make demands on machine weight. Flexibility in working and transport width is also a preferred option. But this flexibility is likewise required in product functionality. The modularity of VGR products enables this flexibility, to the effect that our products can be modified or expanded to bring about the ideal working conditions which best match the circumstances.

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