VGR Group; an innovative company

VGR Groep consists of the divisions VGR Equipment, VGR Contracting and VGR Composting. These three divisions are mutually reinforcing. They form a well-coordinated and powerful chain organization. The vision of our company 'Topsoil is the basis' is put into daily practice by each division.

VGR Equipment develops machinery based on the experience and knowledge gained from the branches VGR Contracting and VGR Composting. Restoring the soil in the most natural way is always our starting point for developing machinery.

VGR Contracting provides an expert approach and thorough maintenance of greens. Green remnant that VGR Contracting receives and picks up is modified by VGR Composting into new products. For example, compost products and new energy sources such as wood chips. VGR is using these compost products into her division VGR Contracting.

In 2001 Arwin Verschoor, director of VGR Groep, started the company. Within the VGR Groep he combines his innovative ideas with his solid technical knowledge and his experience in the contract work on sports fields such as golf courses and football fields.

Arwin Verschoor:
‘We must continuously invest in nature, nurture her and consciously enjoy nature. I am convinced that whoever controls the soil, controls the future.’

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