VGR Verschoor has moved

20 June 2023

Last May, we moved to new office premises. We have adapted and improved these spaces to provide even better services. For instance, the warehouse offers more space and VGR Verschoor is better able to meet the growing demand for the increasingly popular TopChangers.

New office

Previously, our office was located at Provincialeweg Zuid 51, where our composting facility is also located. This facility is still accessible via the entrance at Midgraaf 14C. The former office with the shed on this site was previously leased, but the landlord recently moved to another location. As a result, we took the opportunity to move our office to this property. We completely refurbished the interior and on the outside we attached new advertising banners to the facade. In this way, we want to make it clear to passers-by which activities our company covers.

More space

Besides our composting facility, we also offer services and equipment. The shed is now divided into three parts to accommodate these different divisions. One part is used for our composting facility, one part for our services, and one part for our equipment. Especially for our equipment division, the new shed represents a great improvement.

Growth TopChangers

We now have significantly more space to build the TopChangers and keep parts conveniently in stock. We are pleased to report that sales of the TopChangers are experiencing tremendous growth, helped by the increase in dealers worldwide selling these machines.

With our new facilities, we are better able to meet the growing demand and offer our customers an even better service. Curious about our new location? Contact us here or drop by!

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