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‘VGR moves people and soil’

23 January 2024

Arwin Verschoor reflects on a year in which we’ve taken another major step forward. Our growth has doubled, and our organization has expanded along with it: in production, workspace, market areas, and in the number of employees. We aim to improve our product-driven organization. That’s why we are continuously looking for new colleagues!

VGR Verschoor has literally and figuratively had a ‘moving’ year.

Additional space

With the move to the large warehouse on our own property, we’ve strengthened our foundation. On the road to our twenty-fifth anniversary in two years, we’ve increased our turnover and structurally improved our work processes and working conditions. Our focus on soil improvement has made us a leading total producer, internationally recognized!

Labor efficiency and job satisfaction

After ceasing the rental and occupying the large warehouse ourselves, we are now ‘masters of our own domain’. We’re making optimal use of the extra space. The development of GroeiGoed, the TopChanger, and other machines that bring our own compost products into the soil indicate our ambition and innovation. With the increased workspace, logistics and warehousing have significantly improved. And labor efficiency and job satisfaction have increased!


In the coming years, we will focus even more on making our products and services scalable. That means the highest quality standards and innovations for the soil, as well as improving the lives of people - both customers and employees. Sharing knowledge and getting people moving is central to our dynamic growth. We are deepening our services by focusing even more on the needs of our customers.

International growth

With the expansion of our establishment in England and our international growth, characterized by annual doublings, we are preparing for a future in which we continue to innovate and grow. We are expanding our product line, GroeiGoed, to include bagged goods in addition to bulk. Moreover, we are returning to our roots by focusing more on agriculture and farming. That’s where our passion lies and where we see future-oriented interest growing. We welcome the rejuvenation and the new energy it brings!

Higher level

Through the production of our own machines and the GroeiGoed line from our composting facility, we are taking the step to a higher level. We are broadening our offering while at the same time retaining our core values. Our goal for 2024 is to offer more diversity in our range, while maintaining high quality.


Our involvement in sponsorship, especially in speed skating, reflects the balance between the values of ‘hard work’ and ‘rest’. These values are just as applicable and crucial for our company. It contributes to our reputation and associates VGR Verschoor with top-level performance.

Soil Improvement

VGR Verschoor remains committed to soil improvement, sustainability, and innovation as we expand our international footprint. We stand for growth, development, and passion! Would you like more information about our ambitions and goals? Please contact us.

Would you like more information? Please Contact us

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