TopChanger on golf course in Saint Lucia

TopChanger on golf course in Saint Lucia

03 July 2024

Last week, a TopChanger XP was installed by VGR Equipment at Cabot Saint Lucia. This golf course is located at the northernmost tip of the CaribbeanIsland and has been open since December 2023. The course is already ranked 76th among the most beautiful golf courses in the world!

The golf course is built with its own volcanic soil, which allows water to seep through slowly. This can cause problems during heavy rainstorms.

Improving soil structure
The TopChanger XP is being used to improve the soil structure over the years. By aerating with water pressure and injecting pure sand, the infiltration rate will be increased, and the root structure will be improved. This way, golfers are offered what they come for: golfing on a beautiful course in a unique location!

VGR Equipment
Ruud de Deugd and Tom Peter from VGR Equipment are busy installing various TopChangers around the world. Through water aeration, the golf courses and sports fields are brought into good condition. Heathy soil, better turf!


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