‘The soil as the basis’

22 August 2023

As foreman of the composting facility, Kees Schmidt is responsible for planning and transport at our sites in Brakel and Almkerk. “And I work in full on composting: the basis of our soil improvers and by-products!”

“In the weekly planning I include, for example, a request from the municipality of Gorinchem. They have collected mixed greenery: we collect it and deliver our enriched garden soil, compost, or our own mixture there.”

Composting without additives

Kees: “The ingested greenery is shredded in the big heap at our place. It can be anything: as long as it is biologically digested, it can be handed in to us. We also visit customers ourselves. That transport has to be planned, and I make offers for it. As a company manager, I am involved in composting, and I guarantee quality. My work is very broad and varied!”

Unchanged high quality

Kees: “Our strength is that after the composting process, we store the compost indoors in large halls. That’s why the quality is unchangingly good all year round. It has a high organic content. This is due to the composition of the composted material. Moreover, the consistent quality allows us to deliver quickly to order.”

Different fractions

“GreenGood is the umbrella name for all our soil improvement products,” says Kees. “We do the composting ourselves, on ‘rills’ of two-and-a-half metres. With a converter, we drive over it. After a while, we start sifting out. We do that with different sizes. The holes in the sieve vary from ten, fifteen to twenty millimeters, creating three different fractions. These fractions all have their own specific qualities: coarse, medium, and fine.”

Stimulating soil life

He continues: “The residual fraction is coarse and is intended for agriculture and arable farming. The middle fraction compost goes to companies such as potting soil breeders, gardeners, and private individuals. It is also often used in greenhouses. It is well suited for working with your hands,” Kees explains. “The third fraction is our latest ‘invention’: the middle fraction is ground very finely using a hammer mill. We use the result as a mixing agent for soil maintenance on sports fields and golf courses. Using our TopChanger, we mix that fraction with sand. This organic product stimulates soil life. Moreover, introducing it into the soil is a smooth and efficient process!”

Same nutritional value

Kees: “The fractions consist of the same compost. The nutritional value remains the same regardless of the sieving process. The difference is that the smaller particles are more easily absorbed by the soil. Apart from the three fractions mentioned, VGR Verschoor makes more products from compost. Enriched garden soil, for instance, is an important stand-alone product. It is used for filling pots and finishing gardens.”

Increasing demand

“With our compost, we are responding to the demand for organic soil enrichers. And this demand is only increasing. So, one of the developments we are focusing on is producing organic compost more effectively,” concludes Kees.

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