Successful Dealer Visit in Spain

11 June 2024

We recently had a fruitful visit to our dealer, Deltacinco Linea Verde, in Spain. The purpose of this visit was to provide support and guidance for the sale of the TopChanger XP.

During our stay, we conducted extensive training sessions in the workshop, ensuring all technicians received thorough instruction.

Maintenance & optimization

Thanks to these training sessions, the technicians are now fully equipped to maintain and optimize the TopChanger XP. Following the training, we accompanied the sales managers from Deltacinco Linea Verde to several golf courses in the region for various demonstrations.

High interest

The interest during these demonstrations was significant, and attendees were clearly impressed by the performance of the TopChanger XP. We would like to thank Deltacinco Linea Verde for their warm hospitality and the excellent organization of these days. We wish them great success with the sale and introduction of the TopChanger XP in Spain.

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