Service is paramount

01 August 2023

Our service team ensures smooth and efficient handling of questions and service requests. Sem van Vuuren and Kant Elshout provide support when problems arise and, among other things, ensure that needed parts arrive at the right place on time.

Sem: “When customers have questions or problems with VGR Verschoor’s machines, we help them with the solution!”

Repair & maintenance

Kant: “Besides repairing and maintaining the various machines, it is also our job to prepare, and ship needed parts.” Both men therefore find their challenge in satisfying our customers. “We constantly try to think along with our customers and any questions they have,” says Sem.

Successful repairs

“Fault-free delivery of products is our starting point,” Kant adds. Both Sem and Kant derive great satisfaction from successfully repairing machines and thus helping customers get back on track. Kant: “And we do this work in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere!” Sem: “We can always knock on the door for an extra hand. Our colleagues think along with us about possible solutions. And also important: in due course we have a chat, among ourselves!”

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