Sand injection system

15 August 2023

One of the innovations that sets us apart is the so-called 'sand injection'. By using the right techniques, treatment and knowledge, we create a sports field or golf green that is stable, healthy and of top quality.

The TopChanger uses hydropower to aerate the soil. The soil is then better and deeper able to absorb water.

Operation TopChanger

Water from the irrigation system passes through a filter, enters the pump where pressure is added. Then the water goes into the accumulator, which acts as a buffer. The water is then led under high pressure to the manifolds and then injected into the soil. This method of aeration leaves a flat and stable surface as no pins go in and out of the soil. The use of water pressure also loosens the soil between the injection holes. The effect is therefore noticeable up to 3 times longer than traditional aeration.

TopChanger sand injection

If desired, the aeration holes can be directly filled with (wet) sand. This sand is injected deep into the soil by the TopChanger. This leaves as little residual sand as possible on the surface. The sand leads to better water infiltration in the lower levels of the soil. This keeps the top layer drier, which improves the playing surface.

Would you like more information on sand injection? Then contact us.

Would you like more information? Please Contact us

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