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14 May 2024

After Saturday 11 May, you can prepare your garden for summer with confidence, as the risk of frost is virtually non-existent. We have some useful tips on which soil improvers are best for you. What about our GreenGood products, for example?

Our foreman, Kees Schmidt, explains the possibilities.

Most natural way
Kees says: "Finely sieved GreenGood compost from 0 to 10 millimetres is ideal for private gardens. The compost is available in 30-litre packs and is the best solution for replenishing garden borders and pots. It provides poor soil with the nutrients it needs in the most natural way.

Enriched garden soil
"Our GreenGood enriched garden soil is perfect for direct planting," continues Kees. "It is also excellent for feeding plants. It enriches your garden and promotes healthy growth and flowering. Enriched Garden Soil is humus-rich soil made from green compost, peat and sand, and enriched with worm humus.

Versatile and easy to use
"GreenGood Tree Soil is naturally the perfect base for planting trees. It can also be very effective for laying new lawns. The mix of nutrients and sand is easy to level and provides a flat, fertile base.

Customised solutions
Kees also emphasises the possibility of customisation. "If you have specific requirements, such as proportions within a particular product, we also offer solutions for that." After all, "we are ready to answer all your questions and give you personal advice".

Contact us for more information. Our team is eager to help you get your garden in top shape!

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