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Playable all year round!

05 April 2024

Golf courses today want to be playable 365 days a year: golfers are on the course all year round. Damage is more likely to occur during the winter months. It is difficult to get onto the course with machinery to repair damage as grass growth has come to a standstill.

Without playing damage
It is therefore necessary to aerate the topsoil at the beginning of the season. During the wet months of the year, coarse particles in the soil sink to the bottom and fine particles rise to the top. The TopChanger XP is ideal for solving these problems without causing too much damage to the pitch. After all, we want sports to continue to be played without hindrance!

Compacted soil
As a result, relatively little maintenance is required on greens or football pitches, for example. This means that greens and sports fields slowly become compacted. A compacted soil can have poor root penetration and cannot properly drain moisture to the subsoil. This makes it more difficult to convert organic matter, which can eventually lead to playing damage and fungal growth.

Structural connection
The TopChanger XP aerates with waterpower. As a result, it also decompacts the soil between the injection holes. This balances the air/solid ratio and allows moisture and roots to move freely downwards. To create a structural bond between the top and bottom layers, the TopChanger XP can inject wet sand. The sand used should be the same as that used for topdressing.

Drainage capacity
This treatment maintains the connection with the current top layer and there is no mixing of the granular composition. This method of vertical drainage promotes root growth, increases drainage capacity, breaks down organic matter and increases the stability of the top layer.

Residual top dressing
The residue left on the top layer can be swept or brushed. This is a light top dressing. Using the TopChanger XP is another way to get the lawn moving and the soil working for you. You will be ready for another great season of golf or football! Would you like more information about TopChanger XP turf care? Please contact us.

Would you like more information? Please Contact us

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