Petra keeps the machine running

15 November 2023

Petra: "Sabina and I have overlapping tasks, so we keep each other well informed and things run smoothly: answering the phone, receiving visitors, keeping the info mail up to date. And making sure the weighbridge is working properly. While I coordinate the marketing, Sabina monitors the creditor management.

Unmanned weighbridge

The weighbridge is an important part of Petra's work. "On the unmanned weighbridge, customers can weigh what they are bringing in or picking up so that the value can be determined. This includes compost, green waste, humus and garden soil. I provide remote support via telephone, camera and computer. Also at the weighbridge at our Brakel site. Handling requires a lot of administrative work.


Petra: "Nowadays a lot of work is done by e-mail. Our drivers use digital waybills as much as possible which fits in with our commitment to work more paperless. It's much more efficient and sustainable! For example, colleagues in the field keep track of their working hours in an app, which I check and process. It took some getting used to for my colleagues, but it works well and makes my job easier.

Versatile work

"On the marketing side, apart from coordination, I arrange things like ordering items with our logo. It's a very varied job, with the telephone operator moving more and more into the background. For example, I make sure that the sales kits we supply with the TopChangers and mowers sold are in order: forms, business cards and instruction manuals... There seems to be a need for a paper manual!

Creative background

Petra is married and has two grown-up sons, aged 21 and 24. "They have graduated and are working, but still live at home here in Eethen, a small town in North Brabant. I have a creative background, I like to make things out of paper, with pictures and stamps. My husband and I like to go away at the weekends. We recently went to Groningen to visit the Rolling Stones Museum. My husband has a motorbike and on holidays, weekends or just for an afternoon, I love to sit on the back! I also try to cycle to work, swim laps in the pool and enjoy walking.

Lots of responsibilities

In conclusion: "I really like the job! I can do a lot of my own thing. I am given a lot of responsibility and if I have any questions, I ask my manager. Since we have our new office, I see fewer colleagues. But this makes me more focused. I get a lot of work done in two days and I really feel that it's a support role: keeping the machine running!

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