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Meet Thomas Peter

10 October 2023

Thomas Peter has more than fourteen years of experience in the gardening and park industry. He has now been with VGR for two years as Sales Manager for the UK and has successfully established the TopChanger product there. Time to introduce Thomas in more detail.

VGR Groundcare Ltd

VGR Groundscare Ltd was formed two years ago to introduce the TopChanger product to the UK. Thomas Peter was recruited as the company's first Sales Manager. His first day at VGR began when he boarded the Eurostar train and met his colleague, Paul Verhoef. Paul gave Thomas his truck and trailer. He then spent three weeks travelling around Europe, visiting France, Germany, the Czech Republic and finally the Netherlands to demonstrate the TopChanger machine.

Golf Courses

Over the past two years he has toured England, Scotland and Ireland visiting the best golf courses in the world. Thomas successfully established the TopChanger as an effective tool for greenkeepers. It has enabled these professionals to achieve perfect results in the structure of the soil structure without adversely affecting the playability of the course. His years of experience in the ground care industry have given him a practical and hands-on approach that has proven to be very successful.


For Thomas, it's not just about selling the VGR TopChanger. It is the customer contact and service aspect that is most valuable to him. Thomas: "The part that gives me the most satisfaction is training new and existing customers to get the most out of the machine and their investment!”

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