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‘Health is the basis for soil and people’

22 September 2023

Almkerk-based VGR Verschoor strives to control soil. From a chain organisation made up of services, machines, and products, we try to control the soil in green outdoor spaces. We believe that things can always be healthier and more nature-friendly.

Arwin Verschoor: “We are constantly striving to improve that process. Our position as a chain organisation is unique, we try to make the best use of that!”


As founder of VGR Verschoor, Arwin is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations. He is intertwined with his company’s DNA. “I grew up on an agricultural contract farm. There was also an arable farm in my family, part of which was converted into the Almkerk golf course.”


For this, ponds had to be dug and greens constructed. “Digging sand and getting the soil right. Building well means being future-oriented and we always looked for improvements. Getting the soil right.” From that background, where soil played an important role even in his childhood, Arwin started his own company at 21.

Unique and distinctive

“My goal was to be unique and distinctive. The soil and the ecosystem are the foundation. It always will be, and that's why it matters! My vision of how to deal with the soil is based on down-to-earth logic. We therefore employ specialists in every area of our business.” Arwin's foundation was service provision. “Then I started tinkering more and more with machinery for soil improvement. I also started importing machines. Together, this led to a trading organisation and a machine factory.”

Growth is consequence

The third pillar of VGR Verschoor was already in the family. “I took over that composting facility: it fitted seamlessly into the vision of processing green flows in our own organisation,” he says. Through this unique combination of three parts, VGR Verschoor has continued to grow, and a second site has been opened. “Growth is not a goal, but a consequence,” says Arwin. “When you keep constantly improving and innovating, you grow automatically and organically.”

Taking the next step

Arwin: “We have passed the consolidation phase. Now it’s time for expansion, which again offers challenges. We keep developing and that’s what I like best. In the current structure, I can continue to do what I like and what benefits the company. I like getting people in the right place anyway. When everyone is working at their best, you are ready to take the next step.”

Local, national, and international growth

For Arwin, more and more things are falling into place. “When you have a goal in mind, you have to stick to what you believe in. Align techniques, products, and people. And the latest projects prove that it works. We are growing, locally, nationally, and internationally. Setting up a management team allows me to stay close to myself. We are professionalising the organisation so that we continue to serve our customers as well as possible!”

Skating team

Healthy soil is important, but people's health is equally close to Arwin's heart. “VGR Verschoor has been a sponsor of a marathon skating team for many years. I myself enjoy skating and cycling and I have recently obtained trainers’ diplomas. By setting up a foundation, I want to take that involvement to the next level. To motivate people to play sports. Not necessarily as a top athlete but offering opportunities to get and stay fit. Because health is the basis!”

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