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18 April 2024

Springtime heralds the commencement of our sports field maintenance season. This is a pivotal time for the upkeep of training fields, setting the foundation for the sporting year ahead.

With the clocks adjusted and extended daylight, it’s the prime window for major maintenance.

Fields undergo an eight to ten-week recuperation period after treatment to ensure they’re in peak condition for the bustling training season. The recycledresser is an innovative and efficient method for sports field treatment, merging three crucial processes - aeration, dressing, and creating good sowing conditions.

This enables aeration of the soil and better downward grass growth. By retrieving and evenly redistributing the site’s own soil from deeper layers, we repair play damage, achieving an efficient and sustainable outcome.

The recycledresser's use translates to less time required for maintenance, fewer machines on the field, and no need for external material delivery. Following treatment, fields are reseeded twice diagonally and given time to recover, so it can be taxed again for training sessions after the summer break.

Competition fields
Competition fields are taken care of after the last match of the competition. Because these pitches have a denser grass base, they are first scarified, then treated with the recycling dresser and overseeded.

With these advanced maintenance techniques, we’re setting a new standard in field care, marrying economy with sustainability. For more information, please contact us.

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