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Dealer support

25 October 2022

VGR Equipment has been providing dealer support at our dealers in South Korea viz. Kukje Intertrade Co LTD and New Zealand viz. Agrowquip NZ LTD for the past two weeks.

During these weeks, numerous demos were done on golf courses at customers of these dealers. Tips and Tricks have been given to get the best out of the TopChanger. There too, people are more and more aware that The Bottom should be seen as the Basis.

People were very impressed with the TopChanger. Especially the end result, after injecting large amounts of sand. Greens were right back in play after treatment.

What's perhaps even better, the results came back from studies conducted in New Zealand. Studies were done before and after treating greens with TopChanger. The green had a single treatment with TopChanger and after 6 months the study showed that the soil had up to 50% higher infiltration level, 35% more root growth and 0.5% lower organic matter content. These results were achieved, using only pure sand. Let alone what more can be achieved by mixing the sand with other granular products, such as VGR GroeiGoed sport mix. A very fine stable organic substance which can be injected into the top layer of greens.

In short, the possibilities with the TopChanger and VGR are there! #SoilAsBase #HealtySoilBetterTurf

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