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De Goyer treats greens with TopChanger: 'We are closing for the winter'

22 September 2021

In November we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. That is why we will be highlighting various parts of the green business in the near future. This time with one of the customers: the Goyer Golf & Country Club.

Author: Nino Stuivenberg (NWST)

The Goyer Golf & Country Club, in Eemnes, includes an 18 Holes Championship Course and 6 Holes Executive Course. The golf club has the greens worked with the VGR TopChanger once a year. Head greenkeeper John van den Bosse: 'Last year we did this for the first time, when the greens were treated spot by spot. That went very well, both with us and with the members. That's why we hired the TopChanger again this year.'

One pass
At the beginning of September, VGR travelled to the Goyer with the TopChanger to re-treat the greens. This time all greens have been treated. The TopChanger shoots water into the profile under high pressure, creating holes. These holes are filled with sand in the same pass. Van den Bosse: 'In the past I have sometimes worked with a machine where you can only use dried sand, which causes some hassle. With the TopChanger it doesn't matter if the sand is wet, because you bring it together with water. That works easily.'

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Ideal solution
VGR also provides a driver when hiring the machine. That's a big advantage, says the head greenkeeper. 'It's ideal for us. We have lost one man who fills the machine, the rest is done by VGR. We also know exactly what it costs to hire them.' About 6 greens are treated per day, so on an 18-hole course, the TopChanger has about 3 days of work.

Close into winter
Van den Bosse is very satisfied with working with the TopChanger. 'The water drainage is definitely better. After 5 to 7 cm we have a distinct layer, with this machine we can easily get through it and everything is filled immediately. The big advantage is that we are closing in on the winter. And a day after treatment the green is already playable, a week later you can hardly see it anymore.' There is therefore a very good chance that VGR will be hired again next year. Van den Bosse: 'We will definitely do it again. The golfers are very happy with it and that's what we do it for.'

Watch the video below for an impression of the work:

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