Compost: the future of soil improvement

07 November 2023

Compost is an important soil improver. By adding compost, you are managing the soil. And that is essential for a sustainable future. At VGR, we say 'those who master the soil are the players of the future'. This environmentally friendly choice has all kinds of applications, in all seasons!

Autumn is a popular time for individuals and gardeners to spread compost in gardens and flower beds. But compost can be used all year round.

A versatile resource

Compost is a versatile and valuable resource for all types of soils, soil life, conservation and promoting healthy plant growth. It is a powerful tool for encouraging beneficial bacteria in the soil and stopping harmful pathogens.

By machine or by hand

Compost can be incorporated into the soil in a number of ways, depending on the purpose. In agriculture, coarse compost is often mechanically incorporated into the soil by ploughing and mixing. For more demanding applications, such as golf courses and sports fields, finer compost is mixed with sand and water and incorporated into the soil using our TopChanger. For individuals, spreading compost in the garden is common.

More productive crops

In agriculture, a thick layer of compost is applied after harvesting. This gives the soil plenty of opportunity to recover during the dormant period. In fact, the effect of compost is significant. It improves the structure and makes it easier for roots to absorb nutrients, resulting in healthier and more productive crops.

Natural compost production

People spend a lot of time removing leaves and other green material from their gardens. It is important to 'give' compost back to the soil. A good solution, for example, is to sweep the removed leaves under a hedge so that the nutrients enrich the soil, contributing to clean and healthy, natural compost production.

Positive impact

Compost is more than a boon to the soil itself: it is important to farmers who depend on fertile soil. It is a versatile and valuable resource with a positive impact on our soils, plants and the environment as a whole. It is the way forward for improving soil quality and promoting sustainable farming and horticultural practices.

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