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Better compost in less time

17 October 2023

Following our location in Almkerk, we now also have a new composting machine in Brakel. Using the Backhus machine, we are able to compost more efficiently and better. Kees Schmidt, as foreman of the composting facility, is very happy with this acquisition!

“We are all very happy with the machine,” Kees clarifies. “This is partly because this machine can be operated by more employees.”

Better workable

Kees: “In Almkerk, we have been working with the same composting machine for about three years. The composting process there consists of ten ‘rills’ or ‘ridges’, here in Brakel there are seven ridges of material that is composted.” He continues: “These machines are very important for our process. It is more constant and easier to monitor. The compost becomes more homogeneous and absorbs less moisture in wet weather. It is more workable and easier to convert.”

Convert faster

To ‘convert’ is to mix the semi-digested material. Oxygen is given access and temperature is regulated. Kees: “We temperature manually. Compost should not get too cold and not too hot. Depending on the weather, it is necessary to ‘turn over’ the ridges about once a week. With the previous machine, that was a day’s work: now we do it in a few hours!”

Filtering compost

The machine is six metres wide and over four metres high. It forms a kind of tunnel that rides on both sides on tracks ‘over’ the back. "The one-metre diameter roller spins hard, filtering the compost. The machine travels forward very slowly. The driver sits above ‘the tunnel’ and supervises, so that no stones or pieces of plastic get entangled in the roller. After use, we perform maintenance, such as cleaning the filters or minor repairs.”

Process improved

Kees: “Compared to the table-top converter we were using; our composting process has improved considerably. Better controllable. The result is less coarse, allowing us to distinguish better between different types of compost. The biomass is cleaner, and we can work more easily with this machine. In short: we deliver better compost!”

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