Aerating the turf

24 October 2023

Autumn is here again. This is the time of year to aerate sports fields and golf courses. After intensive use in the past period, the soil has compacted. This is because of all the golfers, footballers and mowers that tread on the grass every day.

We aerate dozens of hectares every year to restore the drainage capacity of these surfaces.


We do this on golf courses, football pitches, camping sites and handball courts. By aerating the soil with tines that go into the ground at a certain angle, the compaction in the soil is loosened. This gives room for dew and rainwater to penetrate the soil more easily instead of sticking to the top.


Partly due to lack of sunlight and evaporation, this is very important. Wet topsoil can eventually cause turf instability and fungal diseases. This in turn adversely affects the game of golf or football. Players prefer to keep playing sports all year round. Because we keep a close eye on the soil and perform the right operations, continuous play is certainly possible.

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