VGR BunkerBuddy

Aerate and sand greens professionally with the VGR TopChanger XP. VGR BunkerBuddy is an excellent complement to the VGR TopChanger XP. The combination VGR TopChanger XP - VGR BunkerBuddy allows greens to be sanded even more efficiently.

With the BunkerBuddy, specially developed for the VGR TopChanger XP, you fill the sand reservoir of the TopChanger XP while aerating and sanding the green. So there is no delay because sand has to be refilled. The TopChanger XP can therefore inject sand continuously. Maintenance work on greens is carried out faster and with less inconvenience to golfers.

VGR BunkerBuddy is also extremely suitable for filling bunkers on the golf course. This BunkerBuddy is compatible with various sanders and can be folded for easier transport.

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