Green in top condition with TopChanger

With the TopChanger you bring the soil in balance and keep it healthy. The TopChanger enables you to maintain the turf professionally and create a playing surface that brings joy to every sports men and sports women.

The TopChanger is an innovative machine that restores the balance to the composition of the soil. It takes care of the proper ratio between organic substances nutrients, air and water. Disruptive layers in the soil are tackled specifically.

The TopChanger aerates the soil and can add sand or soil-improvement products at the same time in a single action. This thorough approach creates a healthy basis again, resulting in a strong soil with good plant growth. What's more, maintenance with the TopChanger creates only minimal disturbance for sports players. Your outdoor sports facilities therefore remain permanently available.

You improve the soil in an innovative way with the TopChanger, taking the natural needs of the soil and the soil life into account. Whatever your specific requirements, with the TopChanger you optimise the soil life and good plant growth. It is how you provide a great playable field and give sports players the ideal sporting experience.

1. The TopChanger aerates the soil
The TopChanger uses water power to aerate the soil. When water is injected under high pressure, it makes paths into the soil. This creates aeration holes. These air pores bring oxygen into the soil. The soil then absorbs the water, allowing the TopChanger to aerate without leaving any residue on the sports field.

This unique aeration method ensures lower operational costs. Using water for aeration, especially in soils containing obstacles, minimises any machine breakdowns.

2. The TopChanger adds soil-improving products
Does the soil analysis show a need for nutrients? When soil-improving products are added to the water, the soil is provided with nutrients and aerated simultaneously.

The soil-improving products are added in the necessary concentrations to the water. The liquid substances are introduced into the soil exactly where they are needed, feeding the roots directly.

3. The TopChanger injects sand
If necessary, the aeration holes can be filled immediately with wet or dry sand. The TopChanger injects the sand deep into the soil, which keeps any residue left on the sports field to a minimum.

The sand helps the water infiltrate better in the lower layer of the soil. The top layer of the field thus remains dryer and better playable. Apart from sand, you can also inject soilimprovingproducts into the soil with the TopChanger.

The TopChanger assures you of a well-maintained sports field geared to the players. They experience very little disturbance while the work is being performed.


Product specifications

Dimensions (l x w x h mm)923 x 1,818 x 855 mm
Unloaded weight410 kg
Minimum power50 HP
PTO750-1,000 RPM
Hopper capacity0.25 m3
Working speed0.5 – 2 km/hr
Working width1,600 mm
Injection pressure180 – 280 Bar
Filling pressure2-8 Bar
Water usage3,600 L/uur

Product Features

The green can be played on virtually continiously.

Minimal disturbance for golfers

The green can be played on virtually continiously.

A dryer thus better playable field.

Optimum result

A dryer thus better playable field.

Using water for aeration limits wear tot the machine.

Lower operational costs

Using water for aeration limits wear tot the machine.

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